New! Group orders – a more convenient way to order, sharing a delivery with your friends or colleagues. Reach the free delivery threshold ordering in a group!

Group orders will help you save time, as everyone can choose on their own computer or phone but you can enjoy the meal at home or together with friends or colleagues in the office!


Group orders are completely new in Latvia, and other food delivery services do not offer this opportunity.



1. To make a group order, go to our website and click on “Creat your Boxx!


2. Choose “My address” as a delivery address


3. Enter your address and tick the box for "Group delivery"


4. Then make complete your meal and when you reach the "Order summary", you will be able to specify the time limit you allow for your friends to join your order. When this time limit runs out, TERRA will receive your order and will begin to process it

5. Finally, pay for your order to complete it. Do not worry when you see the order summary includes a delivery charge. If your group order reaches the free delivery threshold, then we will automatically reimburse the delivery charge


When the order is paid, please enter your friends' email addresses and they will be invited to join your order. Friends will access the TERRA website on his or her own and choose whatever their heart desires. Then, each friend will pay his or her own bill, and after the time limit you have set runs out, the group order will be delivered to the joint address of your choice.


In case you have any questions, feel free to write to us at